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Convergence of GCC - slightly off topic

Hi all

Not wanting to start any flames, but I was
wondering what is the experts take on the
likelyhood of convergence of the various
versions of gcc in the varous linux distributions,
now that 3.2 is getting consistent positive appraise.

The reason for this question is that I do not
consider myself an expert in neither c nor c++,
but I am quite comfortable with both in most
high level situations.

I was hoping to get feedback from seasoned (battered
battle faces :-) c and c++ folks that are more seasoned in dealing with sitiations that might expose some of the more thornier aspects of 3.2 with respect to the other (older) gcc versions shipped with various linux distros.

I am not looking for comments on the ABI changes,
but rather on situations where you know that the older versions give better support than 3.2 in terms of language, runtime support and libriaries etc.

Information like this is handy for anyone researching
development and deployment platform strategies.

As I have the luxury of starting with a clean slate
I wanted to tip my toe into this gcc water and see if
any muddy skeletons would be stirred up, or whether
all corpses [have been/can be] given proper burial with

Would your comments be any different if one was
maintaining some legacy c/c++ project?

What about gcc on other OS that linux?

Thanks for all your valuable help.

I am using hotmail account for practical/personal reasons, I hope you do not read anything into it
or feel offended in any way.

(I know that gcc selection for the various distros
is not in the power of anyone but the respective
distros - I am looking for the gcc experts opinions,
not for distro religions. )

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