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Re: A FrontEnd in C++?

On Sunday 18 August 2002 04:36 pm, khalid aggag wrote:
> >>Writing a front end in C++ would make that process:
> >>
> >>Stage0: any 'ol C compiler -> gcc<c, c++>
> >>Stage1: gcc<c, c++> + new_frontend -> gcc<c, c++, New>
> >>Stage2: gcc<c, c++, New> -> presumably_finished_compiler
> >>Stage3: presumably_finished_compiler -> finished_compiler
> >>
> >>Compare Stage2 with Stage3, if same; then done; else punt!
> Isnt this possible by having a C++ compiler already installed on the system
> and enabling the C++ as a langauge to be built?
> Khalid Aggag
I guess you mean:

Stage0: any 'ol C++ compiler + new_frontend -> gcc<c, c++, New>
Stage1: gcc<c, c++, New> -> presumably_finished_compiler
Stage2: presumably_finished_compiler -> finished_compiler

Returning to the "standard method" of a three stage bootstrap.
But note:
1) The current "Makefiles" can handle a 4-stage bootstrap 
2) Your proposal would require a POLICY CHANGE from the historical method of 
bootstrapping GCC.

Making any required changes to the "Makefiles" (no pun intended) would 
probably be much more acceptable than changing a long standing policy.  A 
policy made and still kept for very good reasons.

Please note: I am only modifing the "install directions" - anything outside 
of the file: "install.texi" is somebody else's area.


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