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Re: Faster compilation speed

> "From the projects I've worked on most software is devided into modules and
each module has common headers and options and generally several files. As such
all the headers are pre-processed and parsed for every file that needs to be
compiled. Pre-Compiled Headers allow the compiler to load the parsed code."

> "But why load and unload the compiler and the headers for every file in a
module. It would be far more effecient to adapt the build process and start gcc
for the module and then to tell it to compile each file that needs to be
re-compiled. Add pre-compiled header support and it wouldn't even need to
compile the headers once."

When developing GCC _please_ remember not everyone has a dedicated server farm
for compiling.

I developed a better solution to my previous. I chose pragma's because GCC will
accept and compile code from the standard input. So I thought you would need
unreal code.

$> gcc -o a.o -c b.c c.c d.c 
This is a good first start. The problem is this will build every file, which
defeats the purpose of having a build system. You have to improve your build
system for this to work effectively.

A better solution would be to develop a GCC language frontend that took
compiler commands and ran them, while maintain the information from the last

The complexity is then constrained in a front end and maintaining the state. I
would like to help develop this, but I have no idea how to maintain state
properly. - Yahoo! Digital How To
- Get the best out of your PC!

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