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Re: Installation Directions

On Saturday 17 August 2002 09:52 am, Warren W. Gay VE3WWG wrote:
> Q: Has there been any work done on updating the "cross compiling"
> document(s)?  It seems
> that this information (last time I checked) is very much out of date
> with the current
> 3.x releases.  I am desperately looking for a way to get GCC 3.x for Ada
> bootstrapped
> for Dec Alpha, using FreeBSD.
> Thanks, Warren.
1) The build status page - if you can find the description of what you want 
to build, "click" the "revision number" link - that will take you to the 
build message originally posted.  If your lucky, the sender described how 
they did it.

2) Cross compiling: Big Subject, first question: What build system(s) do you 
have available? (If you have an x86 box handy, I can send better details off 

3) If I understood your message correctly - your end objective is a native 
GCC that will run on the Dec Alpha - FreeBSD system and generate code for 
that same system.  Correct me if I mis-understood.

4) check the <release_name>/gcc/contrib directory for scripts and information 
that might help.


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