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Re: Faster compilation speed

--- Fergus Henderson <> wrote:
> On 13-Aug-2002, Theodore Papadopoulo
> <> wrote:
> > 
> > the "average 
> > source code" (to be defined by someone ;-) ) is
> also probably growing
> > in size and complexity...
> Indeed.  Also note that more people are using
> higher-level languages,
> a fair number of which work by compiling to C --
> generally with a
> significant expansion in the number of lines of
> code.
> For example, the Mercury compiler is about 270,000
> lines of
> Mercury code, which compiles to about 4.5 million
> lines of C code.
> This takes gcc a long time to compile...
> So I am very supportive of any work that can be done
> to improve the
> speed of gcc.

>From what I've heard on this thread, I was under the
impression that the talk is of improving the C++ front
end, but not C.  I'm probably confused about this
(possibly since this thread is partially a
brainstorming session) so can someone put me straight,
please?  If there's a large enough concensus on the
top candidates to investigate, what are they?


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