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Re: GCC 3.2

 In message <200207271635.12319@enzo.bigblue.local>, Franz Sirl writes:
 >On Samstag, 27. Juli 2002 00:50, Mark Mitchell wrote:
 >> I have created the GCC 3.2 branch.
 >> Once Jakub indicates that the ABI patchset has been checked in, I will
 >> start rolling the 3.2 prerelease.
 [ ... ]

 >Another thing, Kevin Hendricks, one of the OpenOffice developers, sent me a 
 >short test program with all the alignment stuff the OO people had to change 
 >between 2.9x and 3.x. Would some of the C++ people take a close look at this 
 >code? Note that the current ABI patches fixed already 2 problems the OO 
 >people had to workaround with gcc-3.1, so maybe the others are ABI bugs as 
This reminds me of another ABI testing infrastructure we could build out.

Many many years ago Cygnus wrote some patches for a customer which allowed
GCC to dump out various things like size/offset information for structure

It seems to me we could do something similar, but with more coverage and
with the data in a format more suitable for testing (the customer used
that information to build accessor macros for assembly code so that it 
could easily access fields within C structures).

Anyway, given that kind of information it would be fairly straightforward
to run code through two revs of the compiler and compare the dumped 
We could actually make this part of the libstdc++ testsuite by having 
reference data for each target.


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