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Re: GCC 3.2

On Mon, Aug 12, 2002 at 09:51:21AM -0600, Jeff Law wrote:
>  In message <200207271635.12319@enzo.bigblue.local>, Franz Sirl writes:
>  >On Samstag, 27. Juli 2002 00:50, Mark Mitchell wrote:
>  >> I have created the GCC 3.2 branch.
>  >>
>  >> Once Jakub indicates that the ABI patchset has been checked in, I will
>  >> start rolling the 3.2 prerelease.
>  >
>  [ ... ]
>  >Another thing, Kevin Hendricks, one of the OpenOffice developers, sent me a 
>  >short test program with all the alignment stuff the OO people had to change 
>  >between 2.9x and 3.x. Would some of the C++ people take a close look at this 
>  >code? Note that the current ABI patches fixed already 2 problems the OO 
>  >people had to workaround with gcc-3.1, so maybe the others are ABI bugs as 
>  >well?
> This reminds me of another ABI testing infrastructure we could build out.
> Many many years ago Cygnus wrote some patches for a customer which allowed
> GCC to dump out various things like size/offset information for structure
> members.

You mean gcc/testsuite/consistency.vlad stuff?
I've run that on various compilers, the
only thing which was different between 3.3 20020803 and 3.2 20020803 was
__alignof__ of top level objects, but it did not catch e.g. the bitfield
layout problems.

IMHO it would be better to write a layout test generator, using all
combinations for the simpler tests and pick some hundreds tests at random for
more complicated tests.


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