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Re: C++ ABI testing issues, gcc-3.3 <-> gcc-3.2 compatibility

On Mon, Aug 05, 2002 at 09:00:29AM +0200, Andreas Jaeger wrote:
> "Goodman, Joe" <> writes:
> > We provide a C++ ABI test suite you can download from
> >  Please feel free
> > to download and run this suite.
> Thanks for reminding us.  I did test it some weeks ago and decided to
> look again add it - and noticed that I configured it wrong the last
> time and was not executing the tests ( disables them by
> default on non-ia64 platforms :-( ).
> Here're the results on i686-linux-gnu from GCC 3.2 branch as of
> 2002-08-04:

On alpha-redhat-linux, the only failing test was:
Test 4 Failure: bitfield3.cpp:60

This is about:
struct A { char a; char b:1; int :0; char c:1; char d; };
sizeof(A). g++ 3.2 gives 6, the testsuite expects 2*sizeof(int).
That's the same result as given on IA-32 or IA-64, but those
tests are
#if !defined __i386__ && !defined __ia64__
Guess at least __alpha__ is a good candidate for this treatment too.

On ia64-redhat-linux, all tests passed.

Bootstrapping sparc-redhat-linux and sparc64-redhat-linux now and
will run the testsuite there too.


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