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Re: C++ ABI testing issues, gcc-3.3 <-> gcc-3.2 compatibility

"Goodman, Joe" <> writes:

> We provide a C++ ABI test suite you can download from
>  Please feel free
> to download and run this suite.

Thanks for reminding us.  I did test it some weeks ago and decided to
look again add it - and noticed that I configured it wrong the last
time and was not executing the tests ( disables them by
default on non-ia64 platforms :-( ).

Here're the results on i686-linux-gnu from GCC 3.2 branch as of

Test 1 Failure: bitfield1.cpp:59
Test 9 Failure: dynamic1.cpp:79
Test 4 Failure: virtual3.cpp:65
Test 9 Failure: virtual9.cpp:92
Test 3 Failure: vtable1.cpp:70
Test 3 Failure: vtable2.cpp:102

And the known failure for new (we have size_t == int on

  missing: _Znwm
  missing: _Znam
make: *** [operator1.pass] Error 1

Note that the testsuite aborts after the first error, there might be
more errors - but it's not possible to figure this out right now.

I'll test 3.3 later, I first have to bootstrap it without checking due
to the problems in the x86 backend.  I'll send a report after that.

I don't know whether those failures are critical or not.  Has anybody
looked into these already?

 Andreas Jaeger
  SuSE Labs

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