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Re: hppa1.1 cross gnat question

John David Anglin wrote:
> > When building hppa1.1-rtems cross gnat I ran into the problem
> > where the build used -mdisable-indexing with the native
> > GNU/Linux compiler.  This is an hppa specific option.  I
> This was the behaviour before yesterday.  Is it possible you're
> looking at the new code and used the old code for the build?
> I don't see this when I configure for --target=hppa1.1-rtems
> on i386-linux.

Sounds possible.  I am looking at a lot of targets,
updating my source daily, and doing a lot of automated
builds. :)  I think I had done my daily update before
going to look for disable-indexing.

For sure my overnight build hppa1.1-rtems did not fail
in the same way -- it failed due to something about
the newlib/rtems sys/dirent.h.

../../xgcc -B../../ -c -DCROSS_COMPILE -DIN_GCC   `echo -O2 -g  -DIN_RTS
|sed -e
 's/-pedantic//g' -e 's/-Wtraditional//g'`  -O2 -g    -I. -I.. -I../..
ss/b3.1-branch/gcc-to-merge/gcc/ada/../../include -I./../.. adaint.c
In file included from
                 from adaint.h:35,
                 from adaint.c:129:
/opt/gcc-3.1-test/hppa1.1-rtems/include/sys/dirent.h:44: `NAME_MAX'
undeclared h
ere (not in a function)
/opt/gcc-3.1-test/hppa1.1-rtems/include/sys/dirent.h:45: confused by
earlier err
ors, bailing out          

> > tracked it down to here:
> >
> > ../../gcc/config/pa/x-ada:ADA_CFLAGS=-mdisable-indexing
> >
> > This should only be used for native hppa->hppa compiles.
> No. It's not just for native compiles.  It's a host option.  What
> host was specified for the cross?  If the host is not one of the
> hppa ports that have xmake_file defines in config.gcc, do you see
> this override in both the gcc and gcc/ada Makefiles?

OK.  If this is how it is now, then it is OK.  I just made a mistake
looking at a log and source tree that were slightly out of sync.

Whoever fixed this -- thanks. :) 

> Dave
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> J. David Anglin                        
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