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Re: [Ada] Patch to fix bug reporting instructions (3.1 branch)

> Since there seems no likelihood of agreement about these questions (given
> the length of time gnatgcc support has been disputed for), it seems only
> appropriate for the SC to reach decisions on them.

C and Ada are identical in this respect. For both compilers, it is important
to use consitent compilers for the various source languages. Of course this
is trivially true for C, since the C compiler is written in one language C.

Certainly you would not expect to be able to build GNU C using miscellaneous
different C compilers for different units with inconsistent calling sequences,
naming conventions etc.

To expect to be able to build Ada with inconsisten compilers for the Ada and
C parts is equivalent to this, and cannot be expected to work in general. In
fact we have no idea how to either

a) make this work

b) test for incompatible versions that do not work

It is no use for either you or the SC to proclaim that it must be possible
to build Ada with inconsistent compilers if no one knows how to do it. The
effect is simply to decide that GNAT cannot be included in GCC. That seems
actively unhelpful for Ada users who are eager to see a version of GCC that
supports Ada. 

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