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Re: SH5 compact register numbering in gcc -> gdb interface

Joern Rennecke writes:
 > > compact reg current #   sh5 equiv    proposed #
 > > -----------+-----------+------------+------------------
 > > T            242        R19           19
 > > GBR          238        R16           16
 > P.S.:
 > SH[1-4] gcc and gdb currently disagree about the meaning of
 > numbers 18 and 19.
 >    gcc gdb
 > 17 t   gbr
 > 18 gbr vbr

This can be worked around in gdb with
STAB_REG_TO_REGNUM/DWARF2_REG_TO_REGNUM functions. Other targets do

 > This shouldn't really matter since these registers should
 > not appear in debug information with the ABIs currently
 > in use.  It is confusing, however, that gcc pretends that
 > this is part of the interface.  I therefore propose to remove
 > mappings for T and GDB from SH_DBX_REGISTER_NUMBER.

I am not sure I understand your last sentence. You want to remove T
from the mapping? It is not strictly necessary.


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