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RE: mips structure padding

i've attached a testcase that i reduced as much as possible from the
ecos sources.  when the problem occurs, the c structure size is 176
bytes and the class is 168 bytes.  by setting the define at the top of
the cpp file, both items are the same size (176).  so it looks like
making the Cyg_Alarm class a member variable affects how things get

here's what i used to compile the test:
mips-r3000-elf-gcc -g structtest.cpp -nostdlib
and i used:
mips-r3000-elf-gdb a.out -nw
to check the sizes.  i'm running cygwin 1.3.6 on a win2k host and using
gcc 3.0.3 and insight 5.1.  

so is this still a bug?  should i go ahead and file a report?


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From: Eric Christopher []
Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2002 8:21 PM
Subject: Re: mips structure padding

> r3000 target.  is this is a bug or a feature?  in either case, what
> would be the recommended fix?  thanks,

Can you provide a testcase?


I will not use abbrev.

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