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Re: ports to 2.96 and 3.1 versions

On Mon, Jan 28, 2002 at 10:49:54AM -0500, Paul Koning wrote:
> I just went through that process.  It took about 3 weeks.  The reason
> it took that long was because of vacations around the new year
> holidays.
> It may well be that the process could be made simpler (but remember
> that this is a legal process, and those tend to be more complex than
> you would expect).  And it may be that it sometimes takes too long.
> But "at least 3 months" is false.

It used to take a lot longer than it does now, Marc may be remembering
what it was like then.  For instance, I mailed in my copyright
assignment for GCC at the beginning of September 1998; RMS
countersigned it at the end of September; and I didn't get it back
until April 1999!  However, my understanding is that turnaround time
has been improved considerably.

I don't agree with the decision to remove the forms and explanations
from the web site.  (But then, neither do most of the GCC
maintainers.  I'm sure you remember that argument.)


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