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Re: Remaining host configuration fragments

 In message <>, Paul 
 >  Lars> I asked in three places whether anyone was using GCC to compile
 >  Lars> code for the PDP-11: the PDP Unix Preservation Society mailing
 >  Lars> list (where the 2.11BSD maintainer lurks), the classiccmp
 >  Lars> mailing list, and the alt.sys.pdp11 newsgroup.  In all cases,
 >  Lars> there were no voices raised in defense of the PDP-11 back end
 >  Lars> in GCC.
 > Perhaps that's because the backend in its current state doesn't
 > actually work.  I've been tinkering with it (inspired by the new pdp11
 > GAS support).  It's getting closer.
 > If no one else cares, I can certainly treat it as a private amusement
 > and do nothing further with it, but if I make decent progress I'm
 > certainly willing to contribute it.
I certainly don't see the PDP11 backend as strategic, but as long as folks
are actively trying to improve it's state we should continue to try and
keep it from breaking any worse than it already is.


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