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Re: Succesfull build and install of gcc-3.0.3 on k6-redhat-linux-gnu

> Your report of the others had the target as i586-pc-linux-gnu and the
> new one was k6-redhat-linux-gnu; I guess it was different this time
> because you specified it explicitly to configure.  I'll combine them so
> they're all together.  Should they be under i586-pc-linux-gnu or
> k6-redhat-linux-gnu?
> Janis

In all my attempts to bootstrap  (3.0/3.0.1 unsuccesfull 3.0.2/3.0.3 
succcesfull) I used the exact same configuration. The one I mentioned in 
my succesfull build on 3.0.3. However reading back my reports,I realise  
I didn't gave enough information in the first reports. Sort of saying 
the same thing in different ways,not so smart :( So now I'm trying 
to get it right the first time. :)

1)All the bootstraps are on the same machine. The util versions are 
the same,only glibc got a minor security update.

1)All my bootstraps were done with --host=k6-redhat-linux-gnu and 

2)config.guess gave me in all cases i586-pc-linux-gnu.

3)All my automatic testreports on get
tagged with i586-redhat-linux-gnu by test_summary in the contrib dir.

So what should be the naming?
I'm not sure,because I only know a bit about configuring/installing gcc 
and nothing about the inner workings. 

BUT : When I do a gcc -dumpspecs I see a line 
 "  *cpp_cpu_default

So I think the gcc I build is defaulting to bulding code optimised to run 
for a k6. IMHO this means the name for the entry should be 

However,I would rather have some comments from people in the know.
Wasn't Honza some time ago working on specific k6 code? I think he was the 
one who got k6 bootstrapping again from 3.0.2 on. (Thanx for that Honza!!)

Anyway,my best guess is k6-redhat-linux-gnu.
Greetz martijn

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