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Re: Major debugging breakage wrote:-

> Every time we parse a token we update LINENO to be equal to SRC_LINENO
> (c_lex.c).   LINENO is used to initialize the line numbers in NOTEs
> that are used by the debug symbol routines.  The comments in cb_line_change
> seem to indicate that SRC_LINENO is meant to be used for diagnostic
> line numbers.  Maybe that is the root of our problem -- mixing the two
> purposes.

Possibly.  One obvious idea I had that I never investigated was that
something was using the line number from the start or end of the
expressions only.  This could be a parser problem, or a problem with a
variable being clobbered, or a whole host of things.  The last big
line number complaint and bug fix was just before 3.0, which was
resolved by Mark finding a bug in the C++ front end.  I suspect that
whatever is causing this is quite trivial (if hard to find).

I don't like the way that lineno is kind of global, and everything
seems to read (and in one or two places write to) it willy-nilly.
It's always struck me as wrong-headed that the debug routines should
reference it directly at all.  But I'm pretty much lost when it comes
to debug info.  I can find my way round the C tree front end without
too much difficulty, but I've never delved into RTL seriously.

> SRC_LINENO is updated at the start of every non-empty line via
> cb_line_change.

Yup; that's my work from 3.1; 3.0 was different (I'm responsible for
half the comments around cb_file_change, too).  I don't think there's
an issue there.  I think the lineno code is generally correct, because
the C / ObjC / C++ front-end diagnostics always come out at the right
place (modulo the occasional parser issue with needing to e.g. find a
brace for context).  It seems that line numbers are not being
correctly assigned to (sub-)expressions somewhere.

The reason I mentioned cb_file_change at all is because there is no
real documentation of what the debug code expects lineno to be set to
at any particular time; so I'm not sure that e.g. the debug callbacks
in cb_file_change are happening at the right time w.r.t. updating
lineno.  Just an idea.

> The Cygwin mmap issues are pretty serious too, so attacking that problem
> makes a lot of sense.

OK, that's top of my list then.  It's pure configury stuff rather than
a direct CPP issue - not something I'm terribly knowledgable about
either (I was hoping Zack might do it 8-))


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