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Re: Static and Dynamic Linking with GCC

On Fri, Jul 20, 2001 at 02:27:08PM -0700, Dan Mergens wrote:
> For example, in IRIX you can do the following:
> CC a.o -B static -lfoo -Bdynamic -lbar
> which will link which libfoo.a,, and the standard .so's
> What is the equivalent gcc command line? (I'm beginning to think it
> doesn't exist).

This is largely (and on many platforms, entirely) a function of the
linker, not the compiler per se.  The compiler driver ("gcc" or "g++",
etc) can pass arbitrary (comma-separated) options to the linker with -Wl,
so you need to read the man page for the linker you're using[*], figure out
which options to pass to it, and then feed those to gcc/g++.  For example,
on Solaris it's something like

    gcc a.o b.o ... z.o -Wl,-B,static -lfoo -Wl,-B,dynamic -lbar

and the linker receives

    ld ..... -B static -lfoo -B dynamic -lbar ....

[*] Run 'gcc --print-prog-name=ld' to get the full path to ld; then you
    can investigate that binary and determine which one is in use.

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