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"Accidental" release of modified version

"changing search order ..." again

"changing search order...."

Re: "make install" fails when doing a manual bootstrap


Re: * Re: What is acceptable for -ffast-math? (Was: associative law in combine)

Re: * Re: What is acceptable for -ffast-math? (Was: associative law in combine)

* Re: What is acceptable for -ffast-math? (Was: associative law incombine)

Re: * Re: What is acceptable for -ffast-math? (Was: associative lawin combine)

, operand with no effect warning

--prefix=/usr (was Re: GCC vs GLIBC: why this stance, Drepper ?!?)


-fssa-dce fails on HAVE_cc0 port?

-march=i686 on i686 ?!?

.bz2 files

a .NET alternative (GJC et al)

/cvs/gcc/gcc/gcc/ChangeLog,v restored

Re: 3.0 bootstrap failure linux-sparc (gen-num-limits): PATCH [SOLVED}

3.0 compiled application twice as slow as 2.95.3 compiled application (execution time)

3.0 errors on AIX 4.3

3.1 perfomance problems

Re: 3.1 performance problems

3.1: Solaris 2.6 build failure

64 bit support in GCC 3.0?

64-bit for Sparc/HP in 3.0.1 or 3.1 ?

Fw: ( )


[Fwd: PL/I parser/front-end]

[Fwd: Simple OS Security Idea]

[GCC 3.0] Bad regression, binary size

[GCC 3.0]: exception frame info confuse OpenBSD as

[OT] QPL-ed library linking with a GPL-ed library.

Re: [patches] Re: unconditional pre-reload splitter

[RFA:] Fix invalid tests (was: Re: Tests gcc.dg/c99-scope-2.c ...)

[rfc] include/floatformat.h libiberty/floatformat.c

Re: [RFC] Suggested replacement for specs and switch handling

[Slightly OT] Automatic Generation of GCC md

Re: __attribute__((aligned(16)) on x86

__builtin_classify_type and typeclass.h


__STDC_VERSION__ is undefined in gcc-3.x?

About 64-bit Gcc?

about newlib

add my name to the mailing list

Adding constants to LO_SUM

Re: Addition to "GCC Museum"

AIX binaries

Alpha assembler problem (macro requires $at register)

alphaev6-unknown-linux-gnu: error in extract_insn, at recog.c:2127

analyze_brprob fix

Re: and the next bug as compilation on Solaris 2.6

Antigen found Sircam@mm.Worm virus

Re: Apache module in C++

Are there any gcc-compatible XML parsers for C/C++ available (and recommended by GNU)?

Ask for help on building m68k cross-compiler.

asking the flow analysis not to optimize

Re: associative law in combine


Att: Windows users: Worm found on win98 system

Re: Attribute questions

AW: gcc 3.0 produces worser code on Ultrasparc

Bad macros in gcc


Re: Beyond GCC 3.0

Beyond GCC 3.0: Summing Up

Brach request - cfg infrastructure

Re: Broken German mirrors

A bug in __cxa_call_unexpected?


Build problem with current tree

build status for gcc-3.0 and HPUX

Build status page -- Volunteer Wanted

Re: build status page not found

build succes

building gcc 3.0 on sparc-sun-solaris2.8

Building with -ansi -D_POSIX_C_SOURCE=2; results encouraging

Re: buildstat.html - what do we consider "successful"?

Builtins that don't work


C++ ABI: cloning of constructors/destructors

C++ compile-time regressions (was: GCC 3.0.1 Status Report)

c++ dynamic link speedup?

c++ header files for matrices

c++ not working in gcc

C++ Parser

C++ parser vs. attributes

C++ performance

Re: call_insn's and argument locations

Can't build GCC CVS 3.0.x branch on x86 Linux

Can't compile helloworld.C

Cannot bootstrap current gcc 3.1 compiler (i686-pc-linux-gnu)

Cases of attributes

Re: Casino

Changing Stack Frame in x86...

Coding style: Are fold markers allowed?

comparing native/cross build results on 3.0 branch

comparing testsuite results: 2.95 branch and 3.0

Compile GCC 3.0

Compile Time Memory Leak Analyses

Compile time performance in C++ (question).

Compiler for Red Hat Linux 8

compiling gcc on sun platform

compiling Palm Applications

config files for new port

Constant expression for array subscript operator

contributing new m68k target

contribution page missing?

Controlling serial lines under RedHat7.1

covariant returns and multiple inheritance.

FW: CPP manual in postcript

Cross compiling problems with crti.o

Cross-compiler Documentation (was: PATCH: Handle the shared libgccis a system library)

Re: Cross-compiler Documentation (was: PATCH: Handle the sharedlibgcc is a system library)

cse creates non-canonical PLUS

CSE memory leaks and old problems

Current results

cvs bugs?

CVS head and 3.0 branch, bootstrap with 2.96-rh?

CVS mainline, libjava cc1: Unrecognized option `-ffilelist-file'

the Cygnus domain

dead link! Urgent

Debug information for types questions

Debug verbosity inconsistency

decrement and branch optimization broken?

Default includes and libraries

deletion of g++.dg/virtual

DESTDIR vs. libstdc++

Dibs on converting MD_*_BUILTIN* to use target structure

Difference in class initialization between NeXT / GNU ObjC runtime

Directories omitted from the search path

Re: documentation for cross compiling.

Documentation for libstdc++

Doubt in Ur GNU CC

Duplicated Constants

dwarf 2.1 .debug_ranges

EO - New FREE web development engine

Error in linking

Error on Binaries page for AIX distribution


Re: exes can't find libstdc++.so without help

Experiences using struct gcc_target

expr.c: exapnd_expr() assumes TARGET bytes same as HOST bytes?

extv, extzv and insv patterns

fde-glibc.c bug

fixinc + HPUX + __va__list

Flow analysis bug

flow.c and nested subregs

From Graha

Function long calls

Function Tables...

Re: The future C++ template model in gcc

The future C++ template model in gcc?

FYI: successful compiles

g++ build successful on sparc-sun-solaris2.7

GC use within GCC



gcc 2.6.3

Fw: gcc 3 won't compile on fresh solaris 8 os

GCC 3.0

gcc 3.0 produces worser code on Ultrasparc

gcc 3.0 and C++

GCC 3.0 and KDE 2

GCC 3.0 build status update

Re: gcc 3.0 build successful

Re: GCC 3.0 for i686-pc-cygwin target, bootstrap fails

gcc 3.0 installed on solaris 2.8

GCC 3.0.1 Delay

GCC 3.0.1 Status

GCC 3.0.1 Status Report

gcc 3.0: -m68000 -fpic generates invalid code

gcc 3.1 ICE in make_label_edge on hppa1.1-hp-hpux10.20--bootstrap fails

gcc 3.1 main line

GCC build status for SCO OS5.0.4

GCC documentation

Re: GCC FAQ update

gcc for solaris 8

GCC for TMS34010 - Thanks

GCC for TMS340x0 processor

gcc on HP-UX

gcc on HPUX

gcc problem

the GCC Project is a system vendor for GNU/Linux (Re: GCC vs GLIBC)

Re: the GCC Project is a system vendor for GNU/Linux (Re: GCC vsGLIBC)

Re: GCC Release Delay

Re: GCC vs GLIBC: why this stance, Drepper ?!?

gcc, pthread on SunOS5.7

gcc-3.0 bool type

gcc-3.0 build

GCC-3.0 built on HP-UX 11

gcc-3.0 built on Sparcv9/Solaris8

gcc-3.0 does not compile on Solaris...

gcc-3.0 Solaris 8 64 bit target

Gcc-3.0 unroll bug

gcc-3.0: Obvious infinite recursion not detected

GCC-3.0: possible regression

GCC-30-CVS Embedded Cross Status Spreadsheet

gcc-ss-20010702 is now available

gcc-ss-20010709 is now available

gcc-ss-20010716 is now available


Re: gcc300 benchmarks slower than gcc295.3?

gcc300 vs gcc295.3 benchmarking?



gcj 3.0 post-mortem

gcj Linpack performance

GLIBCPP_CHECK_LINKER_FEATURES libstdc++/acinclude.m4

GNATS question: index is bad

GNU Methodology?

Good for a laugh!


Re: GPL and NDA Q:what defines an "organization"

guarantees on memory operand of movm

Has ANYONE taken a good run at MacOSX

Hello, your friend recommended openxxx to you

Help for porting

Help Needed

Help on gcc to 80c166

HELP with virtual function names

help- URGENT build errors while using gcc

How can I get libm.a on AIX?


How do I install

How do i install

Re: How do I install

How do I use 2 versions of gcc on the same system?

How should the GNU linker treat weak references?

how to configure

How to fix the mips port?

how to get maillist for gcc

Re: HTML link doesn't works

Http transfers?

I have found some problems with the gcc-3.0 installation procedure

I want mailing service

i386 stack missalignment on main

i386.md has overly restrictive constraints in mulsi3_1 and mulhi3_1


IA64 RA register breakage

IBM 370 openedition port questions...

Important: Development Plan for Future Releases

Re: inherited enums

initializing a VAR_DECL...

inlining at -O3

Inlining heuristics for C++

Inlining heuristics fun (Re: [GCC 3.0] Bad regression, binary size)

Inlining heuristics in Gambit


Instalation error

Installation problem with gcc 3.0?

Installation Problems

Re: Internal compiler error on Cygwin-To-H8 cross

Internet FORUM XXI

Internet Stock Survey

Re: is --enable-threads supported on HP-UX 11.00?

Is any version of GCC STL thread-safe?

Issues upgrading to GCC3.0

Itanium (was gcj 3.0 post-mortem)

java broken/miscompiled on i686

Java Bytecode verifier

jump threading

Killing old abi remnants

latent bug in unreachable code removal?

Lazy default attributes

libgcc_s.so directory

libgcc_s.so.1 ASIS won't work with glibc.

libmath file removal breaks native sparc-sun-solaris2.6

libstdc++ bootstrap failures on sparc-sun-solaris2.8 (analyzed)

Re: libstdc++ test suite still drives machine into swap

Libstdc++-v3 build aborts on CVS head as of 11 UTC today.

Re: libsupc++

link out of date?

The Linux binutils is released.

The Linux binutils iss released.

The Linux binutils is released.

Losing Patches (was: embedded target breakage)

Machine attributes and language attributes

mailing list archives?

Re: make gcc & -lstdc++ problem

make install problems (libjava) with CVS 3.0.x branch


Re: Mercury front-end

Message size limits

Model of branch penalties

More build problems on Alpha

More fun with SSA

Re: more simplify_subreg aborts

multiple declaration / definition

multiply by a constant on an arm7TDMI


Namespace implementation in the compiler

Need Help !!!

Need help from C/POSIX gurus.

Netwinder GCC build fails on "make bootstrap"

New demangler bug and HOWTO-demangle (was Re: Demangle THIS)

new ia64 project list

New MIPS maintainers -- please (re)send patches

Newbie to creating front ends to gcc

Re: Newbie to creating front ends to gcc (and now also: trying to build gcc 3.0 under DJGPP)

Re: Newbie to creating front ends to gcc (and now also: trying tobuild gcc 3.0 under DJGPP)

Nicola Pero as committer to GCC?

no "bootstrap" after configure...

Re: No more multiline string constants

no newline at end of file

Non-call exceptions and libcalls Part 2

Odd behavior with LBB/LBE labels

On libtool patches for 3.0.1

One more question on building m68k cross-compiler.

optimization defaults (was: Re: [GCC 3.0] Bad regression, binary size)

PATCH for Re: Broken build status link

PATCH for Re: dead link! Urgent

PATCH for Re: GPL and NDA

PATCH for Re: Message size limits

PATCH for Re: Typo on http://gcc.gnu.org/gcc-3.0/c++features.html

PATCH for Re: When will the next version be out

PATCH for: Development Plan for Future Releases

PATCH: Add __frame_state_for for gcc 3.0.1

PATCH: Disable libgcj and gprof on Linux/mips

Re: PATCH: faq.html (was: "FAQ patch")

PATCH: faq.html markup fix

Re: PATCH: gcc-3.0.html

PATCH: Handle the shared libgcc is a system library

PATCH: Putting gcc v2 and v3 fame unwind support in glibc

PATCH: Re: GCC vs GLIBC: why this stance, Drepper ?!?

PATCH: Share the dwarf2 unwind code between glibc and gcc 3.0

PATCH: Support gcc v3 unwind frame in gcc pre 3.0

PATCH: The gcc v2/v3 frame unwinder for glibc.


patches addressing g++ 3.0 compilation speed?

PCH [Was: Re: Target FUNCTION_{PRO,EPI}LOGUE question]

pedantic: not fussing enough?

Pentium 4 GCC Optimizations

please forgive me for flooding you with messages about ftp.freesoftware.com being gone.

podlators 1.10 released

Porting a project using the Microsoft MFC to GNU-Cross-Compiler ???

Possible problem in libstdc++v3

Re: Possible problem in libstdc++v3 (A happy conclustion)

Potential Prospect

ppc-eabi: interaction betwen section name attributes and -msdata

PR3256: Exceptions vs. delay slots

precomiled template-class member functions

Prefix attributes vs. grammar

Preleminary Branch Profiling Results

premission denied errors

Problem building on Alpha

Problem with gcc 3.0 and 3.0.1 and libstdc++

A problem with include_next and removing duplicated include paths

Problems compiling a small C++ test with gcc

problems installing GCC 3.0

Problems with building GCC-3.0 on AIX-4.3

Profiling and C++

Providing the start context for a raise ?


Re: Question about DECL_RESULT macro

Question about reload ICE while compiling MIPS linux

Question on canonical representation of PLUS..

random thought - optimizer

Re: RCS keyword expansion

Re porting to new architecture

Reach Audience of Adult and Sex Sites

Recent changes to cse.c

RedHat Linux Binaries for GCC v3.0

reg/i expressions

reload problems....

Reminder about commit procedure

removing of DELETED_LABEL notes?

Replacing bitmap.[ch]

reporting results even with bootstrap failure

representing noreturns and traps in the CFG

Request for information

robustness vs. conservative GC

rtl questions

Run to G77

run-time errors under AIX power3


sgi cc and gcc

Re: SH Linux and multilib

SH Linux: remove big endian multilib

Shared libstdc++ on AIX

shared object creation with g77 3.0

Re: Shell wrappers and GCC - FYA

Re: Shell wrappers and GCC - FYAu

Sigh. Inlining heuristics.

sim instructions [Was: Re: Important: Development Plan for Future Releases]

Simple returns are broken in gcc 3.X

size_t printf warnings and preprocessor

socket system call returns file descriptor 0

Some perfectible results from the new bottom-up inliner

Some questions on UNIQUE_SECTION and SELECT_SECTION on alpha

spam rampage. was: T1143012b01 notas1s

SPEC2000 testing page

Re: SSE2 benchmarks

stamp time of last update

Statements: break and continue

Static and Dynamic Linking with GCC

Statically linking against libdb1

Status for simulator targets (bad, that is, but that's no news)

status on system directory warning?

stl set<T>::iterator == const_iterator?

Store motion broken

Store motion fixed

Success with gcc-3.0

successful build - i686-pc-cygwin

Successful build and install for gcc-3.0 on sparc-sun-solaris2.8 ...

Successful build and install of gcc 3.0 on Alpha ev56 running Tru64 V5.1

Successful build of gcc 3.0 on HP-UX 11.00

successfully installed gcc-3.0

Suggestion for option


T1143012b01 notas1s

Re: Target FUNCTION_{PRO,EPI}LOGUE question

Targets on the gcc webpages.

Tcl8.3 upgrade, Expect patch.

temporal optimisation in loops

Tests gcc.dg/c99-scope-2.c and gcc.c-torture/execute/align-1.c wrong?

Re: Tests gcc.dg/c99-scope-2.c and gcc.c-torture/execute/align-1.cwrong?

thread_jumps -- am I crazy?

Traditional numbers

trigraphs ????

Re: Trivial toplev.c patch

Trunk frustration

Trying to "downgrade" under RedHat 7.1

turning throw into a jump

typeid strangeness

Typo in Java FAQ

Typo on http://gcc.gnu.org/gcc-3.0/c++features.html

Re: unconditional pre-reload splitter

Undefined reference to static member in templated class

Unexpected dynamic reloc type failed

Uninitialized warnings

unloading dynamically loaded libraries

Unpleasant problem w/ foo-config style scripts (and possible solutions).

Unresolved reference to libiconv_close in GCC 3.0

Unreviewed 3.0 patch to fix loop unrolling

Update to Redhat gcc 2.96

Using and clobbering hard regs in parallel

Re: Value Range Propagation Patch

Vector Extensions in GCC

Very odd configure failure

Virtual array basic_block_for_insn[360]: element 373 ... flow.c;2800


WARNING_ABOUT_CCD #defined anywhere?

Warnings on unwind-dw2.c

Re: What is acceptable for -ffast-math? (Was: associative law in combine)

Re: What is acceptable for -ffast-math? (Was: associative law in combine)

What is acceptable for -ffast-math? (Was: associative law in combine)

Re: What is acceptable for -ffast-math? (Was: associative law incombine)

Re: Re: What is acceptable for -ffast-math? (Was: associative lawin combine)

when do object destuctors run?

When will the next version be out

Where are the snapshots?

Where is the new snapshot?

Where to find ABI specs for g++

Which .stabs to use? (please help)

Who is reviewing the mips patches?

Why do not it works with g++?

Re: why the shared libgcc version bump ?


Re: Work From Home and Earn $$$$ - FREE Info!

{off topic) Spam filter (was Re: Work From Home and Earn $$$$ - FREE Info!)


( )

3 - 5 , !!!

100.000 -



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