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RE: Projects for beginners

Hello Zach,
>  Document every RTX code and accessor macro thoroughly.
>  Ditto, every meaningful insn name.
>  Ditto, every tm.h macro.
>  Ditto, every command line switch.
>	- May involve hunting down whoever added whichever
>	thing it is and torturing information out of them.
>  Finish documenting the tree structure and the front-end interface.
>	- We've got quite a bit of this but it is scattered all over
>	the place.  It belongs in the official manual.

I am willing to give a shot at help documenting the tree structure,
and have been working on analyzing the *usage* of the tree structure.

Basically I have two reports that I have been working on, and I think are
getting ready to publish,
this could be used to help document the compiler. 
This is from the XML output and post processing project that I have been
ranting on about for so long.

	1. What functions *SET* which fields in the every gcc data
structure, and what expression is used to access the data.
	2. What functions call what functions
	Given all the instances of the tree structure left at the end of the
compilation, (all the global- decls) 
	I have extracted the following information : 
		3. What member pointer points to what *TYPE* of tree node
statistically, and not just the fact that it is pointing to 
		4. What member pointer points to reused objects and 
		5. What data members of the tree are used for each tree type
and what type of data is really stored there.

This communication contains information which is confidential and 
may also be privileged.  It is for the exclusive use of the 
intended recipient(s).  If you are not the intended recipient(s), 
please note that any distribution, copying or use of this 
communication or the information in it is strictly prohibited.  
If you have received this communication in error, please notify 
the sender immediately and then destroy any copies of it.

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