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Re: Inline function in while expression not evaluated

Whoops!  I'm not on the list so I had no idea I sent this.

While I was composing the message I figured out my problem
by using Alexandre's previous advice with asm volatile 
to keep the while loop from optimizing out the function

I thought I aborted the message but it looks like
had other ideas.  Thanks to those who have replied.


>To: "Jeff Hammond" <>
>Subject: Re: Inline function in while expression not evaluated
>From: Alexandre Oliva <>
>Date: 25 Jan 2001 19:52:47 -0200
>On Jan 25, 2001, "Jeff Hammond" <> wrote:
>> I am making more progress with inline functions (thanks
>> Alexandre :) ) and I ran into another problem.
>And what problem was that?
>> It has to do with the following line of C code:
>>     while( read_testmem16( PROCAB_RTNIADDR + RTNI_READ_STATUS ) 
>> == (short)0xFFFE) {};
>Without the rest of the code around it, it will be even harder to
>figure out what went wrong :-)
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