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RE: reject from gcc list


  Everything seems fine now, and your apology is most polite :)

  There is one question I would like to ask: when the posts go through the
mail2news gateway, I believe they were made to a group epita.listes.gcc.
I am curious to know if that newsgroup is propagated through Usenet or is
it only available on your own internal server?  Because, if you do propagate
the group to other usenet machines, I think you should modify your gateway
to spam-block the email address of the sender.

  Thanks for fixing it so quickly!

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>-----Original Message-----
>From: Geoffroy Fouquier []
>Sent: 26 January 2001 15:44
>Subject: reject from gcc list
>For monthes we have been using a patched mail2news gateway which
>tagged all such news to prevent them from being forwarded back to
>the list.  But someone upgrated the machine a few days ago and that
>binary was overwritten with a new version and wednesday the gateway
>is trying to repost everything sent to the list.
>I think the address was automaticaly
>catch to prevent duplicate post. I've reapplied the patch, and
>after a few tests things appears to be fixed.  Please, let us know
>if you don't think so.
>I'm deeply sorry for the inconvenience.
>Geoffroy Fouquier

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