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Re: Configure and compile gcc2.95.2 for ARM (Thumb + ARM instr)

Richard Earnshaw wrote:

> > Hi, I've downloaded, configured, compiled and installed the GNU
> > toolchain (2.95.2 ) for arm-elf target.
> > I't works fine with ARM-code (32 bit), but I don't now how to generate
> > THUMB-code and link it with ARM-code (Interworking). My questions are:
> > - the arm-elf configuration of gcc2.95.2 does can generate THUMB objects
> > ? if yes, how ?
> Not directly -- with 2.95.2 you have to build a separate compiler for
> thumb (configure thumb-elf).  This will change when gcc-3.0 comes out when
> a single compiler will be able to produce both arm and thumb code.
>  If no wath version supports interworking?
> To compile your file to support interworking add the option
> -mthumb-interwork (this applies when generating both arm and thumb code).
> > - how I can swithc between ARM state and Thumb state?
> Use the appropriate compiler.  (Note even with gcc-3.0 each compilation
> unit (object file generated) must be either thumb code or arm code.
> > - I'm using NewLib 1.9.0. how can I compile it to generate Thumb -code
> > and Arm -code libs?
> Again, same answer as above (this will be easier with gcc-3 since they
> will then be multi-lib variants).
> Richard.

Hi, I've tried to configure Gcc 2.95.2 for target thumb-elf but the result is
is :
"Configuration thumb-unknown-elf not supported
 Configure in /tmp/build/gcc failed, exiting"

configure  --target=thumb-elf --prefix=$prefix --with-gnu-as --with-gnu-ld

what is the problem ?
thanks: joel brenner

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