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Re: compilation for files > 2Gb


It's on AIX

with -D_LARGE_FILES option I have a error with gcc
without -D_LARGE_FILES squid compile without error but if I start squid
with a log file > 2Gb I have the following error

/logs/proxy.log: (127) Value too large to be stored in data type
FATAL : Cannot open /logs/proxy.log: (127) Value too large to be stored in
data type
and squid stops


Stephane Blat   -   Internet Team Leader       AT&T Global Network Services
Phone : +33 1 49 31 43 45  --  Int 71 43 45 -- Fax : +33 1 43 03 69 43
Email :

David Edelsohn <> on 25/01/2001 18:47:26

Please respond to David Edelsohn <>

To:   Stephane Blat/France/IBM@IBMFR
cc:   "Zack Weinberg" <>,, Jakub
      Jelinek <>,
Subject:  Re: compilation for files > 2Gb

>>>>> BLATS  writes:

BLATS> in fact,  I would like to use the fopen and fclose function for
files > 2Gb
BLATS> (it's not a C source > 2 Gb)

BLATS> I use squid and I don't know if  a problem when my logs file reach
2Gb can
BLATS> occur
BLATS> Before I used cc on AIX with -D_LARGE_FILES option to compile squid
BLATS> now I would like to use gcc

BLATS> perhaps  -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64  or -D_LARGEFILE64_SOURCE answer to
BLATS> request

     Your question is ambiguous because we cannot tell if you are
asking about using GCC on *AIX* or GCC on *GNU/Linux*.  On AIX, you would
use the same commandline macros (e.g., -D_LARGE_FILES).  On GNU/Linux, you
need to use the appropriate glibc macros.


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