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Re: dejagnu for SCO Open Server 5

David Gressett wrote:
> Has anybody built a working dejagnu for SCO Open Server 5.04 or 5.05?

Yes.  I've jused dejagnu for the GCC testsuite on OpenServer for years.

> I have built gcc-2.95.3.test2, but I cannot test it. I can't get
> degagnu-20000518 to build as-is.

I don't know how old my dejagnu is, but it's older than that.  I don't
recall the build being eventful.  My runtest has a date of October 1998.

$ runtest --version
WARNING: Couldn't find the global config file.
Expect version is       5.26
Tcl version is          8.0
Framework version is    1.3.0

> It dies building libiberty, even though gcc has already done that.

The terms of death would be helpful to know.

> I can go down into the dejagnu subdirectory and configure and install
> from there, as I already have the skunkware tcl and expect and can
> thus avoid the inability to build them from the dejagnu distribution.

I do think I recall that not working well in the past.  It seemed that
no two versions of tcl were compatible enough so it was worth it to
me to make the tradeoff of build time vs. grief to use the integrated

> Something is still missing. make check-gcc produces these
> messages
> WARNING: Couldn't find the global config file
> WARNING: Couldn't find the tool init file

Those are warnings, not errors.   Mine displays the first.

> By digging through the source code, I find that a missing file is "site.exp",
> but I have no idea how to construct it. I know next to nothing about tcl or
> expect. (Time to learn. Sigh. Those 30-hour days on backorder are probably
> never going to come in.)

On mine, site.exp is mechanically generated in $objdir/gcc/.  It
contains things like the correct -I and -L incantations to do the
testsuite run from the locally installed directory.

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