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RE: coding style, continuing education

>-----Original Message-----
>From: Michael Matz []
>Sent: 17 January 2001 17:40

>On Mon, 15 Jan 2001, Mike Stump wrote:
>> If people _know_ of a good way to split this down, maybe we all just
>> need a refresher course on the right way, care to elaborate?
>> [ long expression snipped ]
>Even more entertaining is reload.c:push_reload. It has two expressions (in
>if's), 62 and 50 lines long, intersparsed with #ifdef's, so it not even
>fits on one editor page. They have comments in front of them, but it isn't
>exactly easy to at least verify, if these expressions actually do, what
>the comments explain ;-)

  You know what would come in handy here?  Some kind of automated tool for
processing these messes.  I imagine it would have to read in and parse a
bit of C code, building a syntax tree as it went.  It could even simplify
the expression somewhat by spotting duplicated subexpressions and 
eliminating them, or by applying mathematical transformations and boolean
algebra.  Obviously it would have to know all about C types and evaulation
rules, but hopefully it could then output the transformed code in some
simpler format.

  Oh.  Hold on a minute.  We already have one of those...

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