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documenting changes to the front-end interface (was: Remove make_function_rtl)

In mail to gcc-patches, on 10-Jan-2001,
Mark Mitchell <> wrote:
> This patch removes make_function_rtl, which did exactly what
> make_decl_rtl did when passed the same parameters.

This change breaks the "toy" front-end.  Which is nothing new;
Tim Josling tells me he needs to update it about once a week.

However, I noticed that there is a file gcc/LANGUAGES which says
it is supposed to to contain documentation of any changes to the
"GCC tree -> rtl interfaces (or more generally the interfaces
for adding new languages)".  Unfortunately this file has not
been updated since 1998.

So, what's the policy?  Should changes that affect language
front-ends be documented in gcc/LANGUAGES, or not?

If so, then both Mark Mitchell's change which removes
make_function_rtl and the recent change to add a lang_hooks struct
should be documented in gcc/LANGUAGES.

If not, then gcc/LANGUAGES should be updated to make it clear that new
changes to the front-end interface are not being documented in that file.

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                                    |  of excellence is a lethal habit"
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