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Re: Removal of support for GCC hosted on UWIN

<<However, Interix is not normally distributed with the NT kernel.  So
it doesn't matter whether you consider the kernel to be the OS, or
Interix to be the OS, because you don't get both of them together than
you can't link a GPLed program with them and distribute it.

Interix is an operating system, and it is normally distributed with itself
when you buy the Interix operating system. It is not distributed with NT,
because that is a quite different operating system. They happen to share
the same micro-kernel that is all.

What on earth do you mean by "link a GPL'ed program with Interix" and
distribute it? This makes absolutely ZERO sense. Interix is an operating
system, you don't link things with an operating system.

Now there may be some components of the Interix operating system that
are "nromally distributed" with Interix, that are subject to the 
GPL exception clause, though for the most part stuff is bound dynamically

I really think people should buy and use Interix before they make
pronouncements. Trying to differentiate between interix and other
implementations of Unix seems quite bizarre to me.

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