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Re: ia64 projects

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From: Janis Johnson <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, January 10, 2001 7:48 AM
Subject: ia64 projects

> Steve Christiansen and I recently joined IBM's Linux Technology Center,
> where our assignment is to improve the code that gcc generates for the
> Intel IA-64 architecture (yes, we get paid for it!).  We're interested
> in the performance of Linux system software.

Here in China, Intel is pushing the similar project on IA64 compiler by
employing Chinese engineers.

> Steve and I are new to IA-64 and to gcc although we've both worked on
> compilers for years, particularly for Sequent machines (ix86) running
> DYNIX/ptx (sysv4).  Our first tasks are to identify what changes to gcc
> would have the most impact on IA-64 performance and to learn our way
> around gcc.
> Is there an existing wish list of projects for IA-64 code generation
> and/or optimization?  If there's not a formal list, are there
> suggestions for what should be on such a list?  We could come up with
> projects on our own, but if other people have already identified what
> work should be done then we would prefer to work with them.  Is there
> a separate forum for communication about IA-64 work in gcc?

Why not inquire Intel? Intel pays more attention to Linux.

> For learning our way around gcc, we'd appreciate pointers to difficult
> bugs that might provide a tour of the compiler.  If we don't get any
> suggestions we'll just pick out some open bugs from the database.
> Another task is identifying benchmarks that will show that we are indeed
> improving the code.  Bench++ and the integer component of SPEC CPU2000
> look worthwhile.  What other benchmarks are used by gcc developers?

GNU libprofile may be what you need. But I can't assure it.

> Janis Johnson
> IBM Linux Technology Center
> (503) 578-5458

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