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Strength reduction costs for autoincrement generation

Sometime in the last month or so, autoincrements stopped being
generated for the c4x target.  This probably happened when the rtx
costs were reworked.  I've had a bit of a squizz to see what is going
wrong and found what is strangling things is the test that benefit is
greater than 0 in this bit of code within loop_giv_reduce_benefit:

  /* Attempt to guess whether autoincrement will handle some of the
     new add insns; if so, increase BENEFIT (undo the subtraction of
     add_cost that was done above).  */
  if (v->giv_type == DEST_ADDR
      /* Increasing the benefit is risky, since this is only a guess.
	 Avoid increasing register pressure in cases where there would
	 be no other benefit from reducing this giv.  */
      && benefit > 0
      && GET_CODE (v->mult_val) == CONST_INT)

If I bias this test so (benefit + add_cost) > 0 then everything works
sweetly for me.  Is anyone else seeing similar problems?

Here's a testcase, a simple vector dot-product:

double foo (double *a, double *b, int size)
  double total = 0.0;
  int i;

  for (i = 0; i < size; i++)
      total += a[i] * b[i];
  return total;

This generates two reg+reg mem givs for the two array references.
Each giv is assigned a benefit of 1 (the cost of a reg+reg addressing
mode minus the cost of a reg addressing mode).  The benefit is then
decremented by 4, the cost of an add insn, giving a value of -3.  Now
since this is less than zero, the code to recoup the cost of the add
insn is not added and this giv never gets reduced :-(

I can overome this problem by grossly exaggerating the address cost of
a reg+reg but this lies to the compiler in other places. 

What the calculation does not take into account is the cost of
incrementing the biv in these reg+reg cases, since in the case of the
c4x, the biv needs to be assigned to a special index register.


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