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Re: Removal of support for GCC hosted on UWIN

 In message <>yo
u write:
  > On Tue, 9 Jan 2001, Mark Mitchell wrote:
  > > However, I believe the FSF does not agree with the core assumption in
  > > your statement; namely, that U/WIN is an operating system.  Instead, I
  > > think it is viewed simply as a program/library/set of programs that
  > > run on Windows NT (which *is* an operating system).
  > Mark,
  > As someone who worked on x86 UWIN support, I'm obviously interested
  > in this issue. As I understand from the messages so far, it is in violation
  > of the GPL to *distribute* UWIN linked binaries; but is it a violation if
  > a user takes the gcc source distribution and then builds it on a system
  > that has UWIN installed?
You should talk to RMS since UWIN host support was removed at his

  > Doesn't x86/alpha Interix support also fall under the same cloud then? It 
  > is also an unbundled product, albeit now owned by Microsoft the OS vendor, 
  > but still not part of the base OS.
Possibly.  Again it's something you might want to discuss with RMS.


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