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Re: initial patch to install libiberty headers

On Mon, Jan 08, 2001 at 05:14:15PM -0500, DJ Delorie wrote:
> > IIRC, the original purpose of --enable/disable was to control whether
> > to install part of a package or not.  That's what I'd use.  IMO, we
> > should arrange for the top-level configure to pass down
> > --disable-libiberty unless it sees --enable-libiberty in the command
> > line, so that libiberty's can default to having it
> > installed, and then libiberty can be distributed as a stand-alone
> > package, which I consider a good idea.
> I thought --enable/--disable was for whether or not a package was
> *used* in the build, so --disable-libiberty would try to build gcc
> without libiberty (of course, since that isn't supported it wouldn't
> actually do that).
> Similarly, --with-foo tells the package where it can find the foo
> stuff to build with.

Yeah, that was the only reason that plain enable-liberty or with-liberty
wasn't in my previous messages; it doesn't really say what we want to do,
and would give the wrong impression.

> We could get by with --enable-install-libiberty if we want to stick
> with constructs autoconf already understands.

Let's do stay inside that framework.  Extending autoconf wasn't on my list of 
fun things to do today.  :-)

DJ, would there be any serious gotchas in converting libiberty to use
automake?  Just to keep the option open?


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