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Re: 2.95.3 and Debian patches to 2.95.2

Steinar Bang writes:

> FWIW I am currently a user of wstring on SuSE 6.2, using gcc-2.91.66
> (egcs-1.1.2) which came with the system.  And I would really like to
> see a g++ with wstring enabled by default as soon as possible, since
> I'm using it.
> What I have done right now, has been to patch the <string> and
> <std/bastring.h> headers to reenable wstring.  This has actually
> worked for quite a while.  The only problem has been that I have to
> compile the debug version with -O1.  Otherwise I get missing symbols.
> I guess what I really want, is the C++ runtime .so delivered with
> linux distributions to have the neccessary symbols.

The problem is that completely fixing the libstdc++-v2 wstring is too
much work for 2.95.3.  If we put something in the official distribution
it should work, and as Bernd said, the door is already shut.

I hope that you can spend a few cycles verifying that the wstring in
the snapshots works correctly.  That will assure that it works well in

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