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Re: Trigraph warnings when compiling linux-2.4.0-prerelease1

> The kernel may be one program, but point me to a _single_ program that
> uses trigraphs. Show me _one_ serious program that wants to use them.

It is the very fact that no one wants to use trigraphs that means it's
appropriate to alert the user when s/he accidentally constructs one.  It's
only a warning.  Ignore it if you want.  If it makes you happy, I'll
retract my claim that it's a bug, if you have, or want to add the
requirement that no one ever use the -ansi switch when compiling the

> But hey, as good as you are at ignoring documentation, I'm sure you'll
> have no trouble at all ignoring reality too.

Wow.  Can't you have a disagreement without making it so personal?  The
documentation promised that the string "??)" would be interpreted as "??)"
by default and as "]" if -ansi is given, and so it is.  No promise has
been broken.  I write portable software for a living, and my code has
to compile with gcc as well as with a variety of other compilers.  I
want to be alerted if I mess up in this way, before a customer complains.
If the price of that is to have Linus Torvalds insult me once in a while,
so be it.

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