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Re: Different language frontends and fancy_abort()

On Tue, 2 Jan 2001, Peter Gerwinski wrote:

> I would prefer to have bug reports for the Pascal frontend directed
> to another address instead. A mechanism to modify that string would
> be nice here.

You raise several issues that concern me. Firstly, that Pascal isn't a
standard component of gcc. A long hoped for objective. Will it ever
happen? Secondly, that there should multiple reporting mechanisms. In a
multi-lingual environment the user has to remember which (of many)
locations to go report the bug(s). Better to have a single point through
which people can report their findings. The back-end of the
trouble-ticketing system is where details of the ticket databases for
specific language front-ends should exist. This has the added benefit that
the front-end maintainers can change but the user is still presented with
a fixed address.

So rather than introducing an undesirable "surface" mechanism I'd prefer
to see effort expended upon completing Pascal's integration
into gcc and have the reporting system generalised.

Regards, Trevor

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