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First 2.95.3 test release available

The first test release of gcc-2.95.3 is available in
This test release is named gcc-2.95.3.test1.

Patch suggestions are still being made, but we have to stop at some
point and start concentrating on actually making the release.  This
point is arbitrary, and it is _now_.  From now on, the only changes
that will be accepted are fixes for regressions from gcc-2.95.2 and
documentation changes.  I'm sorry if this means that some fixes did
not quite make it; however, this release should include most of the
patches suggested before the original Dec 17 deadline.

The documentation will probably need quite a bit of attention, I
haven't looked closely yet.  We may want to import newer versions of
files such as standards.texi.  For other documentation, it may be
best to revert to what came with 2.95.2 (e.g. the FAQ seems to have

Please test this release thoroughly, as described in the instructions
and send in the results.  Please also report if there are any glitches
in the packaging.


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