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Re: config.sub pentium2 and pentiumii aliases (fwd)

Mo McKinlay <> writes:

    > I'd like to suggest that the config.sub pentium2 and pentiumii aliases
    > should map to i686 not i786.  I believe i686 is the conventional
    > architectural designation for these, certainly they behave like a
    > plain i686 pentiumpro for the purposes of plain integer code.
  This is correct IMNSHO - architecturally speaking, Pentium = i586, Pentium
  II = i686. I'm not sure how "pentium2" and "pentiumii" managed to be i786,
  but it's incorrect. AFAIK, the Pentium III is also "i686" (don't quote me
  on that!) - certainly my PIII system is classed as 'i686'. There was some
  recent talk on the LKML of what the designation for the PIV should be, and
  the concensus seemed to be 'i786' IIRC. 
  So..after that minor ramble, yes - I think the pentium2 and pentiumii
  aliases should map to i686 ;-)
How about simply calling pentium2 "pentium2"?  We could also call
pentium3 "pentium3", and pentiumpro "pentiumpro".  Do you get the
idea?  :-)

Seriously, inventing "more logical" names is a silly exercise.

Some packages might want to make a distinction between exact CPU
types.  GMP is one such package, where there has a very significant
speed advantage,


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