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Re: Autotools

>>>>> "Alexandre" == Alexandre Oliva <> writes:

    Alexandre> patches here and there.  ChangeLog.Cygnus lists changes
    Alexandre> that aren't part of the base release.  Of course, it
    Alexandre> could be renamed to a more neutral name, and the CYGNUS
    Alexandre> file might be removed, but I don't think this is such
    Alexandre> an important matter, given that Cygnus formally no
    Alexandre> longer exists :-)

It *is* important.  That file refers people to an address, phone
number, and so forth that do probably still exist, and that file
explicitly represents this code as coming from Cygnus.  That's
appropriate in a GNUPro release, but it's not appropriate for anything
we're asking GNU developers in general to use.

It shouldn't be hard to make a new tarball without these file, if we
think these are the right files.

    Alexandre> that tarball has been widely tested, whereas CVS
    Alexandre> versions of autoconf and automake aren't always usable.

Agreed.  I was suggesting a particular tag (or date) in CVS to use, as
an alternative to the tarball.  Basically, I am most concerned about
getting any changes necessary to build GCC/V3 into the GNU
repositories for autoconf/automake/etc.; we do not want to be
dependent on changes that are not integrated.  Ideally, we do not want
to be dependent on changes that are not part of an official GNU

Mark Mitchell         
CodeSourcery, LLC     

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