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Re: Autotools

On Nov  4, 2000, Mark Mitchell <> wrote:

>   ChangeLog.Cygnus

> Then, give a CVS date that we can all use to get the
> right version of these tools.

It is my understanding that that tarball contains the latest stable
releases of these tools plus a few patches here and there.
ChangeLog.Cygnus lists changes that aren't part of the base release.
Of course, it could be renamed to a more neutral name, and the CYGNUS
file might be removed, but I don't think this is such an important
matter, given that Cygnus formally no longer exists :-)

> I'm sure that Alexandre Oliva or Tom Tromey would be happy to help
> out integrating these changes.

I guess most of the changes in there have already been integrated.
The good thing of using that tarball, instead of picking new random
CVS snapshots is that that tarball has been widely tested, whereas CVS
versions of autoconf and automake aren't always usable.

Alexandre Oliva   Enjoy Guarana', see
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