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Re: ipa-icf::merge TLC

On Fri, Feb 27, 2015 at 02:10:47AM +0000, Jan Hubicka wrote:
>         * ipa-icf.c (symbol_compare_collection::symbol_compare_colleciton):
>         Use address_matters_p.
>         (redirect_all_callers, set_addressable): New functions.
>         (sem_function::merge): Reorganize and fix merging issues.
>         (sem_variable::merge): Likewise.
>         (sem_variable::compare_sections): Remove.
>         * common.opt (fmerge-all-constants, fmerge-constants): Remove
>         Optimization flag.
>         * symtab.c (symtab_node::resolve_alias): When alias has aliases,
>         redirect them.
>         (symtab_node::make_decl_local): Set ADDRESSABLE bit when
>         decl is used.
>         (address_matters_1): New function.
>         (symtab_node::address_matters_p): New function.
>         * cgraph.c (cgraph_edge::verify_corresponds_to_fndecl): Fix
>         check for merged flag.
>         * cgraph.h (address_matters_p): Declare.
>         (symtab_node::address_taken_from_non_vtable_p): Remove.
>         (symtab_node::address_can_be_compared_p): New method.
>         (ipa_ref::address_matters_p): Move here from ipa-ref.c; simplify.
>         * ipa-visibility.c (symtab_node::address_taken_from_non_vtable_p):
>         Remove.
>         (comdat_can_be_unshared_p_1) Use address_matters_p.
>         (update_vtable_references): Fix formating.
>         * ipa-ref.c (ipa_ref::address_matters_p): Move inline.
>         * cgraphunit.c (cgraph_node::create_wrapper): Drop UNINLINABLE flag.
>         * cgraphclones.c: Preserve merged and icf_merged flags.
>         * gcc.dg/pr64454.c: Disable ICF.
>         * gcc.dg/pr28685-1.c: Disable ICF
>         * gcc.dg/ipa/iinline-5.c: Disable ICF.
>         * g++.dg/warn/Wsuggest-final.C: Force methods to be different.
>         * g++.dg/ipa/ipa-icf-4.C: Update template.

Hi Honza,

This is more a note for other interested AArch64 testers, but this patch
breaks some tests on aarch64-none-elf. Looking at the test output, this
is a problem with the tests than with your patch. We now eliminate some
function bodies which are identical across test functions, causing us to
fail some scan-assembler directives.

The fix is straightforward, we just need to add -fno-ipa-icf to get things
working again. This keeps the spirit of the original tests. I'll propose
a patch along those lines on Monday.



        PASS->FAIL: scan-assembler-times ldaxr\tw[0-9]+, \\[x[0-9]+\\] 4
        PASS->FAIL: scan-assembler-times stlxr\tw[0-9]+, w[0-9]+, \\[x[0-9]+\\] 4
        PASS->FAIL: scan-assembler-times saddl2\tv[0-9]+.2d, v[0-9]+.4s, v[0-9]+.4s 2
        PASS->FAIL: scan-assembler-times saddl\tv[0-9]+.2d, v[0-9]+.2s, v[0-9]+.2s 2
        PASS->FAIL: scan-assembler-times ssubl2\tv[0-9]+.2d, v[0-9]+.4s, v[0-9]+.4s 5
        PASS->FAIL: scan-assembler-times ssubl\tv[0-9]+.2d, v[0-9]+.2s, v[0-9]+.2s 5
        PASS->FAIL: scan-assembler-times smlsl2\tv[0-9]+.8h 5
        PASS->FAIL: scan-assembler-times smlsl\tv[0-9]+.8h 5

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