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Re: [PATCH] Vectorizing abs(char/short/int) on x86.

On Wed, Oct 30, 2013 at 7:01 PM, Cong Hou <> wrote:

>>> I found my problem: I put DONE outside of if not inside. You are
>>> right. I have updated my patch.
>> OK, great that we put things in order ;)
>> Does this patch need some extra middle-end functionality? I was not
>> able to vectorize char and short part of your patch.
> In the original patch, I converted abs() on short and char values to
> their own types by removing type casts. That is, originally char_val1
> = abs(char_val2) will be converted to char_val1 = (char) abs((int)
> char_val2) in the frontend, and I would like to convert it back to
> char_val1 = abs(char_val2). But after several discussions, it seems
> this conversion has some problems such as overflow converns, and I
> thereby removed that part.
> Now you should still be able to vectorize abs(char) and abs(short) but
> with packing and unpacking. Later I will consider to write pattern
> recognizer for abs(char) and abs(short) and then the expand on
> abs(char)/abs(short) in this patch will be used during vectorization.

OK, this seems reasonable. We already have "unused" SSSE3 8/16 bit abs
pattern, so I think we can commit SSE2 expanders, even if they will be
unused for now. The proposed recognizer will benefit SSE2 as well as
existing SSSE3 patterns.

>> Regarding the testcase - please put it to directory.
>> There is nothing generic in the test, as confirmed by target-dependent
>> scan test. You will find plenty of examples in the mentioned
>> directory. I'd suggest to split the testcase in three files, and to
>> simplify it to something like the testcase with global variables I
>> used earlier.
> I have done it. The test case is split into three for s8/s16/s32 in


The patch is OK for mainline, but please check formatting and
whitespace before the patch is committed.


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