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Re: [PATCH, i386, MPX 1/X] Support of Intel MPX ISA. 2/2 New registers and instructions

On Tue, Sep 17, 2013 at 10:41 AM, Ilya Enkovich <> wrote:

>> >> The x86 part looks mostly OK (I have a couple of comments bellow), but
>> >> please first get target-independent changes reviewed and committed.
>> >
>> > Do you mean I should move bound type and mode declaration into a separate patch?
>> Yes, target-independent part (middle end) has to go through the
>> separate review to check if this part is OK. The target-dependent part
>> uses the infrastructure from the middle end, so it can go into the
>> code base only after target-independent parts are committed.
> I sent a separate patch for bound type and mode class ( Here is target part of the patch with fixes you mentioned. Does it look OK?
> Bootstrapped and checked on linux-x86_64. Still shows incorrect length attribute computation (described here

Please look at the attached patch that solves length computation
problem. The patch also implements length calculation in a generic
way, as proposed earlier.

The idea is to calculate total insn length via generic "length"
attribute calculation from "length_nobnd" attribute, but iff
length_attribute is non-null. This way, we are able to decorate
bnd-prefixed instructions by "lenght_nobnd" attribute, and generic
part will automatically call ix86_bnd_prefixed_insn_p predicate with
current insn pattern. I also belive that this approach is most
flexible to decorate future patterns.

The patch adds new attribute to a couple of patterns to illustrate its usage.

Please test this approach. Modulo length calculations, improved by the
patch in this message, I have no further comments, but please repost
complete (target part) of your patch.


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