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[patch, committed, backport] Backport IA64 patch to 4.6 branch

I had a request to backport this patch to the 4.6 branch and since it
is an obvious fix and hasn't caused any problems on the main line I have
gone ahead and checked it in.  I tested the patch on the 4.6 branch with
IA64 HP-UX and had no regressions.

FYI:  Friday will be my last day at HP but I will be starting at MIPS
      next week and working on GCC.  I will change my email address in
      the MAINTAINERS file after I start at MIPS.

Steve Ellcey

2012-04-04  Steve Ellcey <>

	Backported from mainline.
	* decl.c (cxx_init_decl_processing): Use ptr_mode instead of Pmode.

Index: decl.c
--- decl.c	(revision 186141)
+++ decl.c	(working copy)
@@ -3636,7 +3636,7 @@ cxx_init_decl_processing (void)
     TYPE_SIZE_UNIT (nullptr_type_node) = size_int (GET_MODE_SIZE (ptr_mode));
     TYPE_UNSIGNED (nullptr_type_node) = 1;
     TYPE_PRECISION (nullptr_type_node) = GET_MODE_BITSIZE (ptr_mode);
-    SET_TYPE_MODE (nullptr_type_node, Pmode);
+    SET_TYPE_MODE (nullptr_type_node, ptr_mode);
     record_builtin_type (RID_MAX, "decltype(nullptr)", nullptr_type_node);
     nullptr_node = build_int_cst (nullptr_type_node, 0);

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