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Re: [PATCH] Fix bootstrap fail on spu vs. ira.c/genpreds

Dave Korn wrote:
Vladimir Makarov wrote:

* ira.c (setup_cover_and_important_classes): Use safe macro
REG_CLASS_FOR_CONSTRAINT instead of calling regclass_for_constraint
* genpreds.c (write_tm_preds_h): Output suitable definition of

The patch posted in

is done for older version of ira.c.

Oops, yes; I updated it before I started the build, here's the current version.

Other than that the patch is ok. Although, personally, I'd prefer the following patch (because it does not create a new macro which is used only
in one place of the compiler):

Your solution is clean, but if anyone ever wants to call regclass_for_constraint again in the future we might run into the same problem again, might we not? I don't really mind which patch goes in, it's your call.

There is a sense in your words too. So on the second thought, I'd go for your patch. Unfortunately for this case, I am not a maintainer of this part of compiler. So my ok is not an approval for committing the patch. I think Ian could do that. I am CCing the email to him.

In any case thanks for the patch, Dave.

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