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RE: PATCH: Add Intel Atom optimization

From: Uros Bizjak [] 
>>        (distance_non_agu_define): New function.
>>        (reg_mentioned_by_mem_p): Likewise.
>>        (distance_agu_use): Likewise.
>>        (ix86_lea_for_add_ok): Likewise.
> please remove above functions from the patch and put them in a
> separate follow-up patch. The main problem is with LEA discovery code
> (see the comment above distance_non_agu_define). Since this function
> is used after reload, we can use get_attr_type function on the insn
> RTL. This func will determine, if insn is LEA or not. Also, perhaps
> Steven B sees some opportunity to use DF infrastructure here instead
> of scanning insn stream every time the function is called.
Since get_attr_type will mess up current operands, we failed to use it in
this patch. Namely, these functions will be called when splitting one insn.
But get_attr_type will call recog and rewrite global variables like operands.
Can extract_insn_cached help here?

HJ has sent a patch without these functions. 

Thanks - Joey

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