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[patch, fortran, docs, 4.2] invoke.texi: Document Wcharacter-truncation, misc. edits.

This patch adds documentation for -Wcharacter-truncation, which is present in 4.2 but undocumented, does a substantial edit of the -std= documentation to make things clearer, corrects the spelling of -Wnonstd-intrinsics (which had its final "s" left off in much of the documentation), and makes some small typo fixes.

2007-03-23  Brooks Moses  <>

	* invoke.texi: Misc. small typo fixes.
	(-Wcharacter-truncation): Add.
	(-Wnonstd-intrinsics): Correct spelling.
	(-std=): Edit.


Tested on i686-pc-linux-gnu on the 4.2 branch with "make pdf" and "make info", and committed.

I'll commit an equivalent patch to mainline momentarily; that one also adds documentation for -fintrinsic-modules-path.

(Can someone who has a 4.1 tree handy fix the missing "s" in -Wnonstd-intrinsics there, please?)

- Brooks
Index: invoke.texi
--- invoke.texi	(revision 123170)
+++ invoke.texi	(working copy)
@@ -128,9 +128,9 @@
 and Warnings}.
 @gccoptlist{-fmax-errors=@var{n} @gol
 -fsyntax-only  -pedantic  -pedantic-errors @gol
--w  -Wall  -Waliasing  -Wampersand  -Wconversion  -Wimplicit-interface @gol
--Wtabs -Wnonstd-intrinsics -Wsurprising -Wunderflow @gol
--Wline-truncation -W}
+-w  -Wall  -Waliasing  -Wampersand  -Wcharacter-truncation  -Wconversion @gol
+-Wimplicit-interface  -Wline-truncation  -Wnonstd-intrinsics  -Wsurprising @gol
+-Wno-tabs  -Wunderflow  -W}
 @item Debugging Options
 @xref{Debugging Options,,Options for Debugging Your Program or GCC}.
@@ -139,11 +139,12 @@
 @item Directory Options
 @xref{Directory Options,,Options for Directory Search}.
-@gccoptlist{-I@var{dir}  -M@var{dir}}
+@gccoptlist{-I@var{dir}  -J@var{dir}  -M@var{dir}}
 @item Runtime Options
 @xref{Runtime Options,,Options for influencing runtime behavior}.
-@gccoptlist{-fconvert=@var{conversion} -frecord-marker=@var{length}}
+@gccoptlist{-fconvert=@var{conversion}  -frecord-marker=@var{length} @gol
 @item Code Generation Options
 @xref{Code Gen Options,,Options for Code Generation Conventions}.
@@ -327,12 +328,19 @@
 @item -std=@var{std}
 @cindex @code{-std=}@var{std} option
 @cindex option, @code{-std=}@var{std}
-Conform to the specified standard.  The default value for @var{std} is
-@samp{gnu}; a superset of the Fortran 95 standard which includes all
-of the GNU extensions recommended for use in new code.  The @samp{legacy}
-value also includes obsolete extensions that may be required for old 
-non-standard programs.  Strict conformance to the Fortran 95 and Fortran 2003
-standards is specified by @samp{f95} and @samp{f2003}, respectively.
+Specify the standard to which the program is expected to conform, which
+may be one of @samp{f95}, @samp{f2003}, @samp{gnu}, or @samp{legacy}.
+The default value for @var{std} is @samp{gnu}, which specifies a
+superset of the Fortran 95 standard that includes all of the extensions
+supported by GNU Fortran, although warnings will be given for obsolete
+extensions not recommended for use in new code.  The @samp{legacy} value
+is equivalent but without the warnings for obsolete extensions, and may
+be useful for old non-standard programs.  The @samp{f95} and
+@samp{f2003} values specify strict conformance to the Fortran 95 and
+Fortran 2003 standards, respectively; errors are given for all
+extensions beyond the relevant language standard, and warnings are given
+for the Fortran 77 features that are permitted but obsolescent in later
 @end table
@@ -422,7 +430,7 @@
 Enables commonly used warning options pertaining to usage that
 we recommend avoiding and that we believe are easy to avoid.
 This currently includes @option{-Waliasing},
-@option{-Wampersand}, @option{-Wsurprising}, @option{-Wnonstd-intrinsic},
+@option{-Wampersand}, @option{-Wsurprising}, @option{-Wnonstd-intrinsics},
 @option{-Wno-tabs}, and @option{-Wline-truncation}.
 @item -Waliasing
@@ -457,6 +465,11 @@
 constant, GNU Fortran assumes continuation at the first non-comment,
 non-whitespace character after the ampersand that initiated the continuation.
+@item -Wcharacter-truncation
+@cindex @code{-Wcharacter-truncation} option
+@cindex option, @code{-Wcharacter-truncation}
+Warn when a character assignment will truncate the assigned string.
 @item -Wconversion
 @cindex @code{-Wconversion} option
 @cindex option, @code{-Wconversion}
@@ -470,11 +483,11 @@
 Note this only checks that an explicit interface is present.  It does not
 check that the declared interfaces are consistent across program units.
-@item -Wnonstd-intrinsic
-@cindex @code{-Wnonstd-intrinsic} option
-@cindex option, @code{-Wnonstd-intrinsic}
+@item -Wnonstd-intrinsics
+@cindex @code{-Wnonstd-intrinsics} option
+@cindex option, @code{-Wnonstd-intrinsics}
 Warn if the user tries to use an intrinsic that does not belong to the 
-standard the user has chosen via the -std option.
+standard the user has chosen via the @option{-std} option.
 @item -Wsurprising
 @cindex @code{-Wsurprising} option
@@ -627,9 +640,11 @@
 @item -M@var{dir}
 @item -J@var{dir}
 @cindex @code{-M}@var{dir} option
-@cindex option, -@code{-M}@var{dir}
+@cindex option, @code{-M}@var{dir}
 @cindex @code{-J}@var{dir} option
-@cindex option, -@code{-J}@var{dir}
+@cindex option, @code{-J}@var{dir}
+@cindex paths, search
+@cindex module search path
 This option specifies where to put @file{.mod} files for compiled modules.
 It is also added to the list of directories to searched by an @code{USE}

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