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Re: PATCH: Bump version on mainline

Zack Weinberg wrote:

However, I would also like to add something like --with-distributor
and --with-support-url.   So that, for example, we could build GCC
3.4.2 without modifying the sources at all, but with appropriate
configuration options, and get:

3.4.2 (CodeSourcery 2005Q1A)

That's a superset of your improvement, though.

I can see that being nice, but I'd vote for doing it as a subsequent


There are problems with that: we want a cvs checkout at the release
tag to duplicate what's in the tarball (except for generated files
that are never kept in CVS)

I had anticipated this objection, and should have mentioned it. I don't really see this as a very big deal, since, as you say, you can't really get exactly the same bits with "cvs export" as it is. And, why would you want to? Just grab the release tarball.

The key invariant to me is that the release tarball can be regenerated easily, and that's still true: running the release script using the tag created when it was previously run should produce an equivalent tarball.

> and it doesn't get rid of the
"(prerelease)".  But I'll see if I ca think of something that does
what you want.

Yes, I'd like to see that tag handled in a similar fashion.

Basically, what I'm after is something that would make bumping the version number for the branch a "change one file" process, and make it trivial for the release script to trivially touch/remove a couple of files before actually making the tarball. (Right now, I find the release and branch checklists surprisingly long, and while some of the steps could be automated, it would be even better just to eliminate them.)

Would you like to implement your suggestion?  I can't imagine anyone
objecting to your idea, though my configure options might be a
little more controversial.

If you don't mind my doing it on company time, sure, I'll squeeze that in sometime this week.

Yes, that's fine.

Mark Mitchell
CodeSourcery, LLC
(916) 791-8304

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