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Re: [PATCH] include cfglayout.h in gcc/config/sparc.c

Richard Henderson  <> should have done that when
long time ago when he changed sparc.c with this patch:

2003-01-27 Richard Henderson <>

	* (cse.o): Depend on TARGET_H.
	* cse.c (rtx_cost): Use targetm.rtx_costs.
	* doc/tm.texi: Update.

	* target.h (targetm.rtx_costs): New.
	* target-def.h (TARGET_RTX_COSTS): New.
	* hooks.c (hook_bool_rtx_int_int_intp_false): New.
	* hooks.h: Update.

	* config/alpha/alpha.c (alpha_rtx_cost_data): New.
	(alpha_rtx_costs, TARGET_RTX_COSTS): New.
	* config/alpha/alpha.h (PROCESSOR_MAX): New.

	* config/arc/arc.c, config/arc/arc.h, config/c4x/c4x.c,
	config/c4x/c4x.h, config/cris/cris.c, config/cris/cris.h,
	config/d30v/d30v.c, config/d30v/d30v.h, config/dsp16xx/dsp16xx.c,
	config/dsp16xx/dsp16xx.h, config/frv/frv.c, config/frv/frv.h,
	config/h8300/h8300.c, config/h8300/h8300.h, config/i370/i370.c,
	config/i370/i370.h, config/i386/i386.c, config/i386/i386.h,
	config/i960/i960.c, config/i960/i960.h, config/ia64/ia64.c,
	config/ia64/ia64.h, config/m32r/m32r.c, config/m32r/m32r.h,
	config/m68k/m68k.c, config/m68k/m68k.h, config/m88k/m88k.c,
	config/m88k/m88k.h, config/mcore/mcore.c, config/mcore/mcore.h,
	config/mips/mips.c, config/mips/mips.h, config/mn10200/mn10200.c,
	config/mn10200/mn10200.h, config/mn10300/mn10300.c,
	config/mn10300/mn10300.h, config/ns32k/ns32k.c, config/ns32k/ns32k.h,
	config/pa/pa.c, config/pa/pa.h, config/pdp11/pdp11.c,
	config/pdp11/pdp11.h, config/romp/romp.c, config/romp/romp.h,
	config/rs6000/rs6000.c, config/rs6000/rs6000.h, config/s390/s390.c,
	config/s390/s390.h, config/sh/sh.c, config/sh/sh.h,
	config/stormy16/stormy16.c, config/stormy16/stormy16.h,
	config/v850/v850.c, config/v850/v850.h,
	config/xtensa/xtensa.c, config/xtensa/xtensa.h
	(CONST_COSTS, RTX_COSTS): Move code ...
	(foo_rtx_costs, TARGET_RTX_COSTS): ... here.

	* config/arm/arm.c (arm_rtx_costs_1): Rename from arm_rtx_costs.
	(arm_rtx_costs, TARGET_RTX_COSTS): New.
	* config/arm/arm-protos.h: Update.
	* config/arm/arm.h (DEFAULT_RTX_COSTS): Remove.

	* config/avr/avr.h (CONST_COSTS): Move code ...
	* config/avr/avr.c (avr_rtx_costs): ... here.
	(default_rtx_costs): Make static.
	* config/avr/avr-protos.h: Update.

	* config/h8300/h8300.c (const_costs): Make static.
	(h8300_and_costs, h8300_shift_costs): Likewise.
	* config/h8300/h8300-protos.h: Update.

	* config/ip2k/ip2k.h (DEFAULT_RTX_COSTS): Remove.
	(CONST_COSTS): Move code ...
	* config/ip2k/ip2k.c (ip2k_rtx_costs): ... here.  Rename from
	default_rtx_costs; update for signature change.
	* config/ip2k/ip2k-protos.h: Update.

	* config/m68hc11/m68hc11.h (RTX_COSTS): Remove.
	(CONST_COSTS): Move code ...
	* config/m68hc11/m68hc11.c (m68hc11_rtx_costs): ... here.
	(m68hc11_rtx_costs_1): Rename from m68hc11_rtx_costs; make static.
	* config/m68hc11/m68hc11-protos.h: Update.

	* config/m68k/m68k.c (const_int_cost): Make static.
	* config/m68k/m68k-protos.h: Update.

	* config/mcore/mcore.c (mcore_const_costs): Make static.
	(mcore_and_cost, mcore_ior_cost): Likewise.
	* config/mcore/mcore-protos.h: Update.

	* config/mmix/mmix.c (mmix_rtx_costs, TARGET_RTX_COSTS): New.
	(mmix_rtx_cost_recalculated): Remove.
	* config/mmix/mmix.h (DEFAULT_RTX_COSTS): Remove.
	* config/mmix/mmix-protos.h: Update.

	* config/sh/sh.c (shiftcosts): Make static.
	(addsubcosts, andcosts, multcosts): Likewise.
	* config/sh/sh-protos.h: Update.

	* config/sparc/sparc.c (TARGET_RTX_COSTS): New.
	(sparc_rtx_costs): Make static; update for change in signature.
	* config/sparc/sparc.h (RTX_COSTS_CASES, RTX_COSTS): Remove.
	* config/sparc/sparc-protos.h: Update.

	* config/v850/v850.c (const_costs): Make static.
	* config/v850/v850-protos.h: Update.

	* config/vax/vax.h (RTX_COSTS): Remove.
	(CONST_COSTS): Move code ...
	* config/vax/vax.c (vax_rtx_costs_1): ... here; rename
	from vax_rtx_cost.
	(vax_rtx_costs, TARGET_RTX_COSTS): New.

I would say update them but I have no say over anything.

Andrew Pinski

On Sunday, Jun 15, 2003, at 14:57 US/Eastern, James Morrison wrote:

Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2003 14:35:19 -0400
Cc: Andrew Pinski <>,
From: Andrew Pinski <>
X-Spam-Status: No, hits=-4.4 required=5.0 tests=IN_REP_TO version=2.20

   I already fixed this problem as it was needed on several different
   configs (ia64, rs6000, sh, alpha and sparc).

   Andrew Pinski

Thanks. However, the copyright should probably updated since this file has
been updated this year. The other files that were updated with this change
seem to all have their copyrights updated.


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