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Re: undefined reference to vtable

eric <> writes:

> actually that book even did not specially define Superhero::walk(),
> that is I add by myself to escape my compile's error
> (is that right? or book's is right?)

I see you did not define Superhero::eat(), however.  You must
define all the virtual functions of class Superhero, even if the
program never calls them.
explain that GCC emits the vtable in the same translation unit
as the first non-inline, non-pure virtual function of the class.
In class Superhero, that function is Superhero::eat().  Because
you did not define Superhero::eat(), GCC did not emit the vtable,
and the linker then failed because the vtable was missing.

If you add a definition for Superhero::eat(), you get different
errors from the linker:

/tmp/ccuVi68j.o: In function `main': undefined reference to `Superhero::~Superhero()'
/tmp/ccuVi68j.o:(.rodata._ZTV9Superhero[vtable for Superhero]+0x18): undefined reference to `Superhero::sleep()'
/tmp/ccuVi68j.o:(.rodata._ZTV9Superhero[vtable for Superhero]+0x28): undefined reference to `Superhero::jump()'
/tmp/ccuVi68j.o:(.rodata._ZTV9Superhero[vtable for Superhero]+0x38): undefined reference to `Superhero::up()'
/tmp/ccuVi68j.o:(.rodata._ZTV9Superhero[vtable for Superhero]+0x40): undefined reference to `Superhero::down()'
/tmp/ccuVi68j.o:(.rodata._ZTV9Superhero[vtable for Superhero]+0x48): undefined reference to `Superhero::~Superhero()'
/tmp/ccuVi68j.o:(.rodata._ZTV9Superhero[vtable for Superhero]+0x50): undefined reference to `Superhero::~Superhero()'
/tmp/ccuVi68j.o:(.rodata._ZTV9Superhero[vtable for Superhero]+0x70): undefined reference to `non-virtual thunk to Superhero::up()'
/tmp/ccuVi68j.o:(.rodata._ZTV9Superhero[vtable for Superhero]+0x78): undefined reference to `non-virtual thunk to Superhero::down()'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

Now it tells you which functions are missing.  So, when you get a
linker error about an undefined reference to a vtable, do check
that you have defined all the declared functions in that class.

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