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undefined reference to vtable

Dear Advanced C/g++ programers:

a simple program about Creating an interface with an Abstract Base
Class. from book (C++ cookbook) page 308, 309. Example 8-11. using a
pure interface.
// Example 8-11 Using a pure interface
class Person {
virtual void eat() = 0;
virtual void sleep() = 0;
virtual void walk() = 0;
virtual void jump() = 0;

class IAirbone {
virtual void fly() = 0;
virtual void up() = 0;
virtual void down() = 0;

class Superhero : public Person, // A superhero *is* a person
public IAirbone { // and flies
virtual void eat();
virtual void sleep();
virtual void walk();
virtual void jump();
virtual void fly();
virtual void up();
virtual void down();
virtual ~Superhero();

void Superhero::walk() {
// ...

void Superhero::fly() {
// ...

// Implement all of the pure virtuals in Superhero's Superclasses...

int main() {

Superhero superman;
superman.walk(); // Superman can walk like a person; // or fly like a bird
my g++ 4.5.2 (on linux2.6.35-25) response by
eric@eric-laptop:~/cppcookbook/ch8$ g++ Example8-11.cpp
/tmp/ccT3nO5t.o: In function `main':
Example8-11.cpp:(.text+0x47): undefined reference to
/tmp/ccT3nO5t.o: In function `Superhero::Superhero()':
undefined reference to `vtable for Superhero'
undefined reference to `vtable for Superhero'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
actually that book even did not specially define Superhero::walk(),
that is
I add by myself to escape my compile's error(is that right? or book's
is right?)
you can download the source code of that book's example and test by
according to book, thses code are compile good in visual c++ 7.1 on
window xp
thanks your help a lot in advance, Eric

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